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No more forgotten children in vehicles!

free templatePerhaps the haste, perhaps the thoughts that afflict every adult, have distracted thousands of parents around the world causing terrible tragedies and the dripping of the children forgotten in vehicles. In the U.S. this type of accident causes an average of 38 deaths per year, nearly all of the spring, summer and early autumn, and in most cases they are children less than two years, forgotten in vehicles by healthy and "normal" parents usually careful and considerate, victims of an occasional distraction. The Washington Post reported a few stories and then some conversations with parents of children who have died in recent years, and neurophysiologists and experts of memory, from which it emerged that the fatal distraction is often linked to a series of coincidences and factors very similar in all cases (fatigue, lack of sleep, small changes in daily routine). There is not a profile-type of the parent who forgets his son in the car: it happens to people usually distracted maniacs as well as to the organization and "everything under control", a highly educated people and people with low levels of education.

How does Infant Reminder work?

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Before starting the route, the user launches the application and enter a destination address, either manually or withdrawing it from the favorite destinations, previously saved.
As soon as you start browsing, the user will be alerted automatically and periodically with audible and visual alarms, both during the journey, both in proximity to arrival, if the application, after the message indicating the arrival at destination, still remains in active navigation for a period of time greater than 10 minutes, a sign of probable forgetfulness and deconcentration.
The application allows, also, to send SMS or email messages, respectively, to a phone number or an email address, previously stored.
To do this, just not reached the percentage of planned trip, the windows will automatically appear, accompanied by audible and visual alarms.
The messages will offer the user the choice of:

1. postpone the reminder after 5 minutes

2. send a text message or an email

3. close the windows.

An additional alarm, not configurable, will popup when the vehicle will be found close to destination.
The configuration settings, activable only after stopping navigation, optionally allow for:

1. Enable or disable the initial warning

2. Enable or disable the audible and / or visual alarm

3. Set up to three percent of the trip to the attainment of which receive the alarms

4. Store a phone number to which send an SMS

5. Save an email address that will receive an e-mail message

6. Select the ringtone for the alarm sound.

WARNING! Even when used correctly and in accordance with its specific function, the application only serves as extra security.
The legal responsibility for the child's safety rests with the parents or whoever takes his place,
The application is not an attempt to circumvent, or replacement of parental responsibility and moderation of the relevant obligations of the law.

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  • What is Infant Reminder?

  • The first app in the world, for smartphones and tablets, totally free, able to ward off the danger of forgetting the children in vehicles.


Donate to save children


All donations received from Infant Reminder will be used in order to save children around the world and spread the message to parents and guardians to avoid these horrible tragedies.


How does it usually happen?


Every time the incident is repeated in a series of events very similar: a parent particularly tired, stressed or agitated for some unexpected change in daily routine, forget to leave the child somewhere (usually nursery) and continues day as if he had. Then, after a few or many hours, but always too late, there comes a time when some signal to the parent remembers the irreparable carelessness, usually a phone of your spouse or anything that evoke the thought of his son.
Follows a desperate race to the car parked in the sun, and the tragic discovery.
But there are also cases of parents who come back in the car and, without noticing the body on the rear seat, he does not realize what happened until they return at the kindergarten to take child who never left there.
The temperature inside a car in the sun, due to the transparent glass and the internal parts subject to rapid overheating (dashboard, seats, steering wheel), can go up to 10 or 15 ° C every quarter hour, until reaching the 50 ° C with an outside temperature of only 25 ° C.
Moreover, the body temperature of a baby increase faster than that of an adult, due to the lower surface of the body and the smaller amount of water reserves: given these conditions, the hyperthermia in a forgotten child in the car may occur also in 20 minutes and death within 2 hours.